Should I take my own helmet for riding?

The availability of protective headgear can vary from destination to destination and therefore we cannot guarantee that headgear will be provided or will be to the same standard as those available in the UK.  It is recommended that you take your own headgear with you.

Which type of ranch would suit us best?

Please take the time to look at the different types of ranches available and call us if you are not sure which one would be best for you.

What if I find a lower price?

We are generally the same price as going directly to the ranch. American Round-Up will generally match any lower price you are able to find.

Are the website prices correct?

Due to the currency fluctuation all prices are subject to change so do ask for an up-to-date quote if you have an idea of when you can travel.

Have you been to the ranches?

We have been to 90% of the ranches so please give us a call with any queries you may have

Do I have to be a rider?

No we can cater for all levels of ability and advised on the correct ranchI am an experienced rider, will my riding be good enough? Yes we have a selection of ranches which we would only recommend for the intermediate to advanced riders.

Is a dude ranch like a holiday camp ?

No these are activity holidays which offer a full programme of western outdoor adventures, but one also have the opportunity of doing absolutely nothing in the peace and quiet of stunning scenery

As a single person will I be welcome?

Most definately, you will never be left out, a ranch is an ideal place to make friends and dining is always family style. A large percentage of our customers are singles who enjoy ranching as it offers various activities throughout the day.

I ride but my husband hates horses, will there be plenty for him to do?

Yes, there are many other different activities available such as fishing, trap shooting, hiking, four wheel drive trips, swimming, tennis and some ranches are located near golf courses.

Will there be many extras to pay for? What about bills?

The majority of the ranches are all inclusive, all meals, riding, ranch activities, sales tax and tips are included (the smaller ranches collect their own tips as well as some of the Pack Trips, Horse and Cattle drives - check your quote). Transfer charges are generally paid directly to the ranch - Check your quote.

I would like an authentic cattle ranch experience - is this possible?

Yes, several ranches in our programme are genuine cattle ranches who take in guests. You will be part of a team working alongside genuine cowboys, rounding up and driving cattle, helping with branding, checking fences - whatever work needs to doing at the time. Alternatively you may consider a pack trip or horse drive where you campout at night.

What is the best time to go?

For the summer months from late May to early September we would recommend you consider Colorado, Idaho, California, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon or Canada, where as in the winter you look at New Mexico, Arizona or Texas as the ranches are open October through to April

Can I ride if I am pregnant?

Most ranches liability insurances will not permit you to horse ride.