Tailor-made Ideas

Anchor D

Location - Alberta, Canada
4 - 7 day trips - from Intermediate to Advanced Riders
Great Divide Ride - using two teams of draft horses and covered wagons to transport everything to three different camps.

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Blue Sky Sage

Location - Wyoming, America
6 day trips - Intermediate to Advanced riders.

You will ride savvy Horses, have a lot of fun and, no one ever leaves thinking they haven't had enough time in the saddle!

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Bear Basin Adventures

Location - Nr Jackson Hole, Wyoming
4 to 6 day trips- from Intermediate to Advanced
Camp rides and Pack Trips- superb riding deep into the wilderness

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Rich Ranch

Location - Montana, USA
5 to 10 day trips - from Intermediate to Advanced Riders
Pack trips into the Bob Marshall Wilderness - riding mixed with camp life.

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