Luxury ranch holidays for singles, couples and families

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Luxury Resort ranches are as varied in their locations as they are in what they have to offer. Some emphasize their luxurious cabins, meals and wine list placing riding as a secondary activity. Others may offer the full "cowboy experience" in delightfully decorated log cabins with gourmet cuisine, a great and varied riding programme no matter what level of rider you are.

In addition there is a full weekly schedule of activities set around the riding and meal times plus numerous off ranch activities such as rafting, golf or ballooning. Many resort ranches encourage children with their excellent summer Counsellor prorammes giving parents the change to relax. Needless to say, the kids never get bored!

Please contact American Round-Up a fully bonded UK Tour Operator specialising in Ranching and Rafting holidays to USA  to make your reservations for flights, hotels, car hire and the Ranch by email or call : 020 8776 8709 to plan your adventure.  

We have visited most of these ranches and happy to share our knowledge.