North Dakota

North Dakota Holidays

North Dakota is no stranger to legends. The list of trailblazers and pioneers who have left their mark on this state is as long and diverse as anywhere: Lewis and Clark, Sakakawea, Sitting Bull

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Ranches in North Dakota

  • No ranches in this state

We can offer a true western cowboy experience at a North Dakota working ranch.

Lewis and Clark, and their guide, Sakakawea, are immortalized at the Clark Interpretive Centre and Fort Mandan near Washburn.

From Fort Abraham Lincoln, near present-day Mandan, George Custer took the 7th Cavalry west to Montana for a show down with chiefs Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse in 1876 - a move he would soon regret.

Indian tribes celebrate their heritage each September in Bismarck with the United Tribes International Powwow. The celebration features drummers and dancers from around the world. Theodore Roosevelt credited his stay in North Dakota with helping him become the 26th president. Roosevelt’s life is immortalized in the two units of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, connected by the 96-mile-long Maah Daah Hey Trail.

The North Dakota Heritage Centre on the Capitol Grounds in Bismarck takes visitors from the first settlers to present day. The State still celebrates it's diverse cultures with events like Norsk Hostfest at Minot.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is located in western North Dakota in the beautiful, rugged Badlands. The park offers 70,744 acres of pristine, scenic land along Little Missouri River where President Theodore Roosevelt ranched. The park abounds in natural beauty and abundant wildlife, including bison and wild horses. The Western frontier town of Medora offers museums, shopping, a world-famous musical and pitchford steak.

Ranches in North Dakota

    Unfortunately there are no registered ranches in this state.