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Wyoming Cattle Drive

Dryhead Ranch - Wyoming, America

2021 Wyoming Cattle Drives and Roundup start from £1845 pp dble per week.  Dates may change with the time of year and the activities required to run a Working ranch. A brief resume of these weeks is detailed here :

Cattle Drives and Weaning Weeks :    25th April; 2, 9, 16th May and in the autumn, 19th and 26th Sept, 3rd Oct 2021

Autumn Cattle Gathering Weeks : 29 Aug, 5 Sept, 12 Sept, 17 Oct 2021

Ranch Weeks :    Most weeks from end of May to end of August 2021   

A working cattle and horse ranch week may include branding, vaccinating, roping, mini-veterinary needs, holding herds, salting, fencing, rotating pastures, bull gathering, weaning calves, pregnancy testing cows and heifers, weaning colts, working mare bands, occasional horse drives and riding through the neighbours' pastures looking for strays.

Cattle Drives have been a popular activity  they share with their guests at the Dryhead Ranch. You will ride with real cowboys and experience an authentic working ranch vacation. You will trail cows through Bad Pass Trail, through the Pryor Mountain Mustang Reserve down into Deadman and north up the trail 50 miles to the Dryhead Ranch.
Each spring they trail from winter pastures in Lovell, Wyoming into the rich grasslands of the Dryhead Country 800 head of mother cows with their baby calves. These cows and calves will spend the summer months on native grass which the Dryhead Ranch is known for. The Dryhead Country is rich in Native American history which you will have time to explore once we have made the big trip with the cows to the ranch.
Your Cattle Drive vacation begins on Sunday with your arrival at Billings Logan International Airport. Pick up at 4:00 PM at the airport, the Dude Ranchers Lodge, and Best Western Clocktower Inn and drive back to the ranch that evening. This is a three hour drive that will give you time to get acquainted with the beautiful Montana country, your ranch driver and the other guests. The cook will have supper waiting and the rooms will be ready upon our arrival.  (No alcohol is permitted on this ranch).  Weather can be varied due to the time of year - not for the feint hearted. Alcohol is not permitted at this ranch.

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