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Wyoming Horse Drive

Dryhead Ranch - Wyoming, America 

Wyoming Horse Gathers and Drives - weeks commencing :   Horse Round-Ups and Drives - weeks commencing :

11 April and 30 May, 10th and 21 October 2021

The horse drives are, more or less, the first and last of the ranch activities, the first one in mid April and the last one in early November. Not for the faint-hearted but what a wonderful experience !  

The ranch have a small number of cabins with built in bathrooms, there is a surcharge of £250 per couple and £138 for a single if this accommodation is required as mentioned.

All weeks may possibly change due to weather conditions or circumstances. 

Dryhead Ranch has been raising and selling registered American Quarter Horses for over 40 years. They pride themselves on the fact that the first breath their foals take is in big country with no human assistance. They gather their mares only a few times a year; once in the spring to make mare bands, again in the fall to remove the stallions, and the last time in October/November to record all the marking of the foals for registration.

The horse drives are intended for more experienced riders. Being able to canter for a long period of time is necessary at the start of the day and various times during the day to maintain control of the horse cavvy. A fast pace for a time followed by walking for a time gives horses as well as riders a chance to catch their breath. This is an exciting adventure for  guests and a unique opportunity for horse loving people. (Weather can be varied due to the time of year - not for the feint hearted. Alcohol not permitted at this ranch)


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